About Me

I believe I have always had a really good flair for all aspects of arts, crafts and creativity. Whilst I was at school, those were the lessons I loved and knew I wanted to go further with in my later life. I had the ambition to go to London and study ‘Hair and makeup for TV, Film & Theatre’ and of course like every teenager, thought that to work on celebrities would be absolutely amazing.

I have always been very independent and have known what I wanted, so I took myself off around the age of 14/15 with my CV and got myself a Saturday and Sunday job in ‘Vaughan’s Total Indulgence’ in Plymouth city centre. I loved it there; they offered me an apprenticeship and before I knew it I had left school and was training to become a hairdresser. After I qualified, I moved once or twice to a few large, high-end city centre salons, experiencing different ways of working, meeting lots of very talented stylists and I found my flair for hair styling. I have grown to love this line of work the most.

If you would like to chat through any aspect of hair for your special day, please contact me